Designer, Maze & Event

Multiple Cities

Position Overview

Position Title: Designer, Maze & Event
Reports to: Creative Director
Reports from:
Position Type: Contract
Revision Date: February 27, 2019

Enchant’s Designer, Maze & Event (DME), is a member of the Design 3D Team and is responsible for assisting in the design of all 3D environments and components for the Christmas Light Maze and Market and additional activations as required. The Designer, Maze & Event
reports directly to the 3D Design Team’s department head, the Creative Director. The DME is accountable for all aspects of the design process assigned by the department head and helps create the look and feel of the brand through their designs. Responsibilities include analyzing
maze blueprints, envisioning new and on-brand ways to improve guest experience, event layout design, and sculpture and asset design. The DME straddles design scopes by including interactive design elements while maintaining focus on the usability of sculpture and how it
enhances the ability for guests to successfully interact with and capture moments.

The Designer, Maze & Event works with the Creative Director to execute their roles and responsibilities which are three-fold:

To assist with the development and implementation of all design planning activities during the event cycle’s Planning and Pre-Event phase as approved by the Creative Director.

In addition, assist in creating event designs within the Design department to realize the plans and creative direction received by the Creative Director.

Finally, the DME is responsible for monitoring on-site installation of the event assets to ensure proper display and locations during the Event Phase. The Designer, Maze & Event is also responsible for working with the Team to evaluate, and document and report design processes for efficiency and budget management on an ongoing basis and during wrap-up activities for the Event and Post-Event phases.


1. Working closely with the department director to create and develop design solutions that meet Enchant’s goals and manufacturing/sourcing requirements.
2. Design all details and decoration for the maze and market place for the DME’s designated Event.
3. Design sculptures and other maze elements for inclusion in the Events.
4. Design crating and packaging solutions for existing and newly designed assets.
5. Design sponsorship assets as requested by Creative Director.
6. Assist the Creative Director in analysing the processes for asset installation.
7. Assist the Creative Director in developing assembly and training materials for efficient transport, installation, de-installation, and maintenance of assets.
8. Work within the software solutions as required by the department head.
9. Coordinate and manage multiple ongoing projects that are at various stages within the development cycle.
10. Assist Design in specifying and sourcing accessories and materials.
11. Implement quality control measures by overseeing the installation of sculptures and maze assets to ensure they are displayed correctly.
12. Act as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality.
13. Design temporary equipment traffic control plans into maze design for efficient installation.
14. Design maze assets while integrating elements of participant interaction.
15. Attend meetings, both virtual and in-person and provide periodic reports to the department head and/or supervisor as requested.



○ Develop compelling maze and market layouts for the designated Enchant Event.

○ Work with the Creative Director to develop documents for building permit approvals.

○ Research and recommend appropriate materials and manufacturing processes.

○ Communicate new designs ideas through sketching and inspiration images.

○ Test product designs using models, prototypes, and CAD Software.

○Maintain an awareness of current design trends and technologies that can relate to Enchant.

○ Liaise with sales, marketing, and production departments.

○ Identify and rectify faults within current and newly design maze assets.

○ Generate packaging solutions for maze assets while ensuring that ease of use, protectivity, and spatial efficiency are all taken into consideration.

○ Work with Creative Director to establish design standards, systems and procedures.

○ Write management and technical reports as required. 

○ Identify and research various user groups and take into consideration their needs and implement specific activities and assets to accommodate.

○ Work with engineers and manufacturers to evaluate the cost feasibility of design concepts.


○ Conceptualize new “walk-through” structures, interactive displays, and sculptures.

○ Present concepts to Creative Director for feedback and approval.

○ Work with Creative Director and Event Planning Department to develop and implement clear and detailed instructions for all maze components, final touch decor, and signage.


○ Work within the physical constraints, guidelines, and design objectives as communicated by the Creative Director.

○ Provide feedback to Event Planning and Business Development team on Market location and traffic flow.


○ Liaise with production team in China as directed by department head.

○ Design sculptures that can be used for Event sponsors.

○ Present designs and demonstrate prototypes to department head for approval.

○ Assist the Creative Director in developing guidelines and SOPs for how all sculptures are built, assembled and packaged.

○ Evaluate product safety, appearance, and functionality to determine if a design is feasible and ready for manufacturing.


○ Monitor and report to Creative Director on inventories.

○ Liaise with installation and maintenance teams to ensure displays are delivered to designated city on time and in good condition.

○ Assist the Creative Director with manufacturing processes in China (and elsewhere) to ensure that sculptures and assets are being manufactured correctly, delivered on time, and to the correct city.


○ Provide guidance to Enchant teams with respect to sourcing materials.

○ Examine materials and production costs to determine manufacturing requirements.


○ Assist the Creative Director in developing packaging standards for all maze and market components to be packaged and shipped in a cost effective, easy to use, and efficient manner.

○ Run trials to check packaging for suitability and testing for performance undervarious conditions.


○ Continuously improve and innovate the guest experience with new and exciting technologies.

○ Be at the forefront of new art installations, collect examples and provide inspiration to the design team on new directives and opportunities.


○ Assist the department head in estimating new sculpture value

○ Provide reports, drafts, designs and other work related deliverables tosupervisor/department head as requested.

Qualifications & Skills

● You are creative, you have good ideas and you are able to communicate them effectively.

● You have proven experience taking a product from concept through development and into manufacturing.

● Proficiency in AutoCAD, Revit, or equivalent.

● Strong skills using Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.

● Strong 3d modelling skills using Solidworks, Rhinoceros, or equivalent.

● Experience using Excel.

● Knowledge of manufacturing and hands on experience in building items that you have designed.

● Extensive knowledge of materials and how to use them.

● Experience or educational background in the following fields: industrial design, interior design, set design, lighting design, exhibit design, sculpture, engineering.

● Excellent communication skills; both verbally and written. 

● Ability to speak Mandarin is an asset.

● Experience in designing and implementing a large temporary event is an asset.

● Experience in programing RGB lights is an asset.

● Portfolio demonstrating the skills and abilities described above.

● Highly motivated, capable of working both in teams and independently.

● Highly organized and detail-oriented with ability to prioritize.

● Must be motivated and able to work with minimal supervision.

● Comfortable in a fast paced environment, and able to handle the pressure of deadlines.

● Willingness to travel overseas.

● Willingness to travel to event locations in North America throughout the year.


Five Star Values (required of all Enchant consultants and employees, regardless of position)

● Exceptional service: Takes assertive action to build internal and external customer relationships and loyalty; meets or exceeds the needs of individuals (i.e., residents, students, program participants and co- workers) and provides satisfaction within
available resources.

● Collaboration: Initiates and participates in mutually beneficial alliances, partnershipsand joint work efforts within work group and across department and organizational lines; helps other achieve overall organizational high performance, quality outcomes and Enchant’s goals and objectives.

● Accountability for Positive Outcomes: Takes personal responsibility for meeting and exceeding goals and standards; acts continuously to improve services; seeks opportunities for continuous development; assumes responsibility for errors and learns
from them.

● Fosters Innovation: Initiates and responds to change positively; seeks and recommends or implements creative improvements in services; encourages and applies out-of-the-box thinking; challenges current practices when they are counter to goal achievement; focuses on doing the right things as well as doing things right to accomplish strategic objectives.

● Values Company Family: Creates an atmosphere of accepting all others; treats co-workers, interns, volunteers, program participants, visitors, and business partners with dignity and respect; continually strives to include all others to produce higher quality services; builds positive, productive work relationships.


(Required of all Enchant consultants and employees, regardless of position.)
1. Follows all departmental/company policies and procedures, setting an example by actions, interactions, and reactions, and makes suggestions for improvements.
2. Follows safety rules and guidelines.
3. Participates in the execution of emergency management plan and can locate what to do in the plan for various events.
4. Follows requirements of Enchant Employee Handbook including attendance, demeanor, and work habits to the extent applicable.
5. Acts in accordance with the Mission and Attributes, Core Values of Enchant at all times.
6. Is proactive in promoting the vision of Enchant and experience of each persons served.
7. Reports incidents of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment promptly.
8. Adheres to Policy on Ethical Conduct and reports violations.
9. Executes responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner.
10. Other duties as assigned