Senior Event Planner

Multiple Cities


Position Title: SEP

Reports to: General Manager (GM)

Reports from: City Managers

Revision Date: February 21, 2019

Enchant’s Senior Event Planner (SEP) leads the Event Planning Team and is accountable for the overall production of all of Enchant’s events and participates as the department representative on the Senior Leadership Team. The SEP’s role and responsibilities are two-fold: development and oversight of all event planning activities during the event cycle’s Planning and Pre-Event phases, as well as the reporting, documentation and wrap-up activities during the Post-Event phase; secondly, the SEP is responsible for managing City Managers in their execution of events from November – January during each event cycle.

The SEP’s primary role is to direct all aspects of planning, on-site design implementation and run-of-show, staffing, event enhancements, talent booking, reporting and budget management. The SEP also manages and coordinates the Event Production Team (City Manager + Production Assistants in each event location). The SEP provides direct oversight of the respective City Managers that includes tailoring each event to its respective market, identifying and securing contractors, training, setting goals, and monitoring performance measures. The SEP researches and provides strategy documents for all event markets, identifying innovative event opportunities as Enchant continues to be a leader in the holiday event marketplace. The SEP will actively meet with partner management staff (MLB staff), manage client communications, establish and negotiate vendor contracts for execution, and manage budgets.

Being able to think quickly is critical. When things do not go as planned, the show must go on and the SEP finds solutions before the participants notice an issue.


Enchant Christmas LLC.

Suite 304 901 3 rd Street West, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3P9

1. The SEP leads the Event Planning Team and is responsible for the overall Event Day production for Enchant’s events.

2. The SEP directs all aspects of planning, on-site design implementation and run-of-show, while managing all event enhancements including talent contracts.

3. Develop and oversee a quality control program for Enchant events.

4. The SEP designs and implements Event Day responsiveness strategies and training for City Managers and staff for reactive programming to immediate customer feedback and/or situations.

5. The SEP works with respective departments for the implementation of event programming including: the Volunteer Program, Community Partnerships Program, Accessibility Program, Customer Service Program, food & beverage, décor, event enhancement, Talent and Character Program, etc.

6. The SEP, working with respective City Managers and Market Strategists researches and provides strategy documents for all event markets, identifying innovative, region specific, event enhancement opportunities.

7. Oversees City Managers activations, vendors, activities and final touches for each event market.

8. Represents or provides a designee for Enchant’s strategic working groups.

9. Participates in Annual Leadership Retreat and develops Event plan for System Program Plans.

Planning & Pre-Event: March - October

1. Develops the budget, staffing requirements, and plan for department for the event cycle

for inclusion in the approved System Program Plan

2. Sets departmental and individual goals for the events and System Program Plans.

3. Specifies staff requirements in each city and coordinates their activities.

4. Develops the budget for on-site event production implementation and enhancements.

5. Works within budget to negotiate contracts with non-revenue generating event enhancement vendors.

6. Work with the Director of Business Development and/or designee as requested to negotiate and prioritize revenue generating event enhancement vendors.

7. Oversees the planning for all aspects of event enhancement (non-revenue generating) vendors relationships, including RFP and contracting processes, quality control, change orders, invoicing, and day-to-day communications.

8. Oversee the planning of private event, special group, and sponsorship activations in partnership with the Director of Business Development and the facility partner’s staff (MLB staff).

9. Recruits, on-boards, and prepares schedules for City Managers, Event staff and volunteers.

10. Works with the Director of Marketing & Communications and Customer Service Lead to develop Enchant protocols and policies for customer engagement.

11. Works with the Director of Marketing & Communications and Customer Service Lead to develop training programs for internal and partner staff. Enchant Christmas LLC. Suite 304 901 3 rd Street West, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3P9

12. Develops on-site characters to add to event showmanship.

13. Assists the Customer Service Lead in administering on-boarding and training for customer service representatives and all Enchant staff as required.

14. Works with partner facility staff, government officials and other stakeholders to ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health and safety obligations.

15. Develops pre- event and post event evaluation tools for outcome reporting.

16. Oversees the implementation of pre-event evaluation tools.

17. Stakeholder management: Interface with stakeholders to facilitate programming and operational needs.

18. Designing custom one-of-a-kind experiences: special days, lunches, dinners, activities, workshops, events, activations.

19. Plan all event orders including AV, decor, event services (electrical, IT), and signage

20. Provide periodic reports to General Manager and CEO as requested.

On-Site Management: November - January

1. The SEP oversees and directs all aspects of approved Event plan implementation including on-site design implementation, and run-of-show, while overseeing all event enhancements through management of the City Managers.

2. Hosts daily pre-shift meetings during set-up, strike, and event phase operations to ensure that middle management, administrative, and coordinator staff and their associated sub-teams are deployed as needed to execute daily operations.

3. On-Site and regional management and oversight of day to day operations and logistics during set-up, strike and event phase operations.

4. Scheduling, managing and deploying staff to ensure that set-up, strike, and event phase schedules are completed on time and on budget.

5. Provides logistical and asset management support for the delivery and acceptance of event assets.

6. Oversees activations at each event to ensure that details are handled as arranged.

7. Adheres to event budgets and verifies expenses.

8. Works with the Director of Marketing & Communication and Marketing & Communication Team to execute programming required for Enchant theme nights.

9. Adheres to Marketing & Communications’ department branding and identity guidelines when composing all internal and external communications.

10. Managing and implementing Christmas Market Vendor coordination and cash/check deposits as required.

11. Managing and implementing the customer service and event site cleaning/maintenance programming.

12. Coordinating with the Food and Beverage provider to ensure that the VIP and concession programs are executed properly.

13. Coordinating with the Security/First Aid Providers to ensure that the Security, Emergency Response, and First Aid Programs are executed properly.

Post Event Management: February - March

1. Conduct post-event evaluations and report on outcomes.

2. Present Event specific budgets and expense verification.


Volunteer Program

● Identifies opportunities to use volunteers and partner organizations to offset staffing costs.

● Develops and implements training programs for volunteers.

Community Partnerships Program

● Identifies and executes opportunities to contextualize the events and provide regional elements.

Accessibility Program

● Ensures all guests are provided equal access opportunities.

Customer Service Program

● Ensures Enchant values are being provided to all Enchant guests and facilitating the success of everyone who comes in the door.

● Develops and executes training for each level of staff; equipping them with adequate knowledge and ability to answers FAQs.

● Creates a culture of exceptional service to ensure every participant has a high quality and memorable experience.

Food & Beverage

● Works with the Director of Business Development to collaborate on the curation of menus and recipes that provide an authentic Christmas market dining experience.

● Provides once-a-year F&B options that create special experiences for Enchant guests.

● Creates speciality menu options and beverage containers that create photographable moments.


● Plans and executes the final touch decor and atmosphere of the event experience. Event Enhancement Vendors - Non-Revenue Generating

● Develops peripheral event experiences that contribute to the overall Enchant experience. Creating activities for guests of all ages. Ex. Curling, Snowball toss, Gingerbread House Making, Crafts etc.

● Works with Market Vendors to create activities with their products. Ex. Maple Syrup Candy making Event Enhancement Vendors - Revenue Generating

● Works with the Director of Business Development or designee to execute opportunities for event enhancements that generate revenue. Ex. Santa’s Landing photography station

Event Operations

● Leads and implements schedules and protocols for event operations on a daily and weekly basis: including, customer experience, employee responsibilities, reporting, emergency management, public and vendor relations, and other event operations as required.

● Establishes performance measures for customer service and relationship management.

● Develops customer service and security best practices.

● Ensures event assets are being maintained, accounted for, and stored safely.

● Develops event activations, features, and activities to enhance the customer experience.


Five Star Values (required of all Enchant consultants and employees, regardless of position)

● Exceptional service: Takes assertive action to build internal and external customer relationships and loyalty; meets or exceeds the needs of individuals (i.e., residents, students, program participants and co- workers) and provides satisfaction within available resources.

● Collaboration: Initiates and participates in mutually beneficial alliances, partnerships and joint work efforts within work group and across department and organizational lines; helps other achieve overall organizational high performance, quality outcomes and Enchant’s goals and objectives.

● Accountability for Positive Outcomes: Takes personal responsibility for meeting and exceeding goals and standards; acts continuously to improve services; seeks opportunities for continuous development; assumes responsibility for errors and learns from them.

● Fosters Innovation: Initiates and responds to change positively; seeks and recommends or implements creative improvements in services; encourages and applies out-of-the-box thinking; challenges current practices when they are counter to goal achievement; focuses on doing the right things as well as doing things right to accomplish strategic objectives.

● Values Company Family: Creates an atmosphere of accepting all others; treats co-workers, interns, volunteers, program participants, visitors, and business partners with dignity and respect; continually strives to include all others to produce higher quality services; builds positive, productive work relationships.


(Required of all Enchant consultants and employees, regardless of position.)

1. Follows all departmental/company policies and procedures, setting an example by actions, interactions, and reactions, and makes suggestions for improvements.

2. Follows safety rules and guidelines.

3. Participates in the execution of emergency management plan and can locate what to do in the plan for various events.

4. Follows requirements of Enchant Employee Handbook including attendance, demeanor, and work habits to the extent applicable.

5. Acts in accordance with the Mission and Attributes, Core Values of Enchant at all times.

6. Is proactive in promoting the vision of Enchant and experience of each persons served.

7. Reports incidents of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment promptly.

8. Adheres to Policy on Ethical Conduct and reports violations.

9. Executes responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner.

10. Other duties as assigned.


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